Health Topics


Emotions of Aging

From our relationships, to how we feel about ourselves, to the physical toll aging takes on our bodies, experts discuss what really happens to us as we grow older, and how to manage the ups and downs.


Conquering Diabetes

A growing epidemic among all age groups, how does diabetes affects baby boomers, and what we can do to lower our risk?


Women’s Cancers

What can women do to stay one step ahead of cancers that affect them most directly? For those who have already received diagnoses, what is being done in terms of treatment and cures?


Managing Pain

Pain doesn’t have to get in the way of the things we love to do. Get strategies for managing pains, big and small.



Eating healthier is a big part of the feel-grand prescription, but how do we change our bad habits and adopt a better diet into our everyday lives?


Redefining Cancer

Older Americans have a higher chance of getting many cancers. We explore the risks, talk about essential screenings, and learn what we all can do to help prevent cancer.


Heart Health

Heart disease remains one of the biggest challenges we face as we get older. How do we best take care of this most vital organ, and—especially for women—what are the little-known warning signs of heart disease?


Combating Fatigue

As our bodies age, two of the biggest battles we face are fatigue and lethargy; sleep issues also become more prevalent. Here’s how to get that energy back and feel more vibrant.


Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders are not always easy to diagnose or treat. We discuss what symptoms to watch for, treatments, and latest research findings.


Skin Care

Compared to the past, there is an elevated rate of skin cancer today. What has research found? And what steps should we take to protect our skin as we get older?


Brain Health

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia touch all of us in some way, so what is being done to combat them? And what can we do to keep our brains healthy?


Sex Reeducation

Does growing old—and menopause—mean the end of sex? It shouldn’t. It’s time to think differently about sex, and even try some new things.


Ancient Remedies

Western medicine is not the only form of healing. We take a look at alternative medicine and different approaches to keeping our bodies healthy.